E-Commerce Store

This e-commerce store is a custom Shopify Theme built with JavaScript, CSS, and Shopify Liquid. It is the primary store for Shark Labz LLC and its product: Killer Instinct Pre-Workout.

Notable Features


The most difficult thing about this project for me was learning the Shopify language Liquid, and how to navigate the Shopify development process in general. This was my first custom Shopify theme so I had to learn how to work within Shopify's limitations. I referred to the Shopify documentation frequently, as well as internet resources.

I also ran into some cross browser compatibility issues. For example my menu was initially made with and SVG, but it didn't work as expected in Safari, so I ended up replacing it with three span elements.

I also slowly improved its conversion rates through trial and error. I did research online to try and figure out its biggest road blocks. I continue to think of new features and improvements.


This website is still a work in progress, and probably will be for some time. As I learn more about digital marketing, and conversion rate optimization, I will continue to improve the design.

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