Responsive Static Website

This static website is for a local pet sitting business in Deerfield, WI. The owner needed an old website replaced. It is made with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Notable Features


This website was my first project back in the beginning of my program at Madison College. I was just getting used to writing CSS and JavaScript and was excited to apply my new skills to a project.

I needed to have a contact form for this website even though it is completely static. I ended up using FormSpree, a third party service, to send my emails for me.

I used Bootstrap to make the website responsive.

I wrote JavaScript code with event listeners and DOM manipulation for the functionality of the mobile menu.


The customers were impressed with the new website, and the business still gains a lot of business from the FormSpree emails according to the owner. There are definitely things I would change in hindsight, but I still think it's worthy of being shown in my portfolio for the sake of progress and improvement if nothing else.

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