React & JavaScript

Follow the River is a companion app for the card game: Up & Down the River, which normally is played with a pad of paper to track player bids and scores. Follow the River replaces the notepad.

Follow the River is built with React and styled with Material UI.

Game Setting Page

Notable Features


I think what took me the longest on this project was the initial planning of how I wanted my components and pages to fit together. I had to strategize how I would transfer the player data. It also took a while to plan how the UI would work, since this is a unique app as far as I know. I didn't have anything substantial to take inspiration from.

Handling updates to the player data was a challenging aspect to this app. I needed to carry the updated data from page to page, during the several phases of the game. This sometimes caused issues since JavaScript in React is asynchronous.

This was also my first time using Material UI, and there were times when that was challenging as well. I needed to have a checkbox inside of one of my Material UI Data Tables for example. Since that wasn't a built in function of Material UI, I had to use JavaScript to make it work.


This was a really fun project for me to work on. I really enjoy working with React, and the app has tested to be functional and useful at family functions where we often play this card game. If you're interested, it has a "How to Play" page!

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