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About Me

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio webpage. My name is Raymond Bach and I am currently a freelance web developer. I am halfway through an associates degree in Front End Development at Madison Area Technical College located in Madison, WI. Right now I am looking for freelance projects to add to my portfolio, and internship opportunites to finish my associates. I hope to master full stack development, and I like to design webpages as well. I designed this website myself without using any templates; just HTML and CSS. Keep scrolling, or use the navigation menu to check out some of my projects and skills to find out if I'm the right person for your project or internship.


HTML code including CSS and Javascript links


During my time in my MATC program I have solidified my skills in HTML, CSS, and ES6. I have completed numerous projects using these basic languages, and have an excellent understanding of all three. I completed both Advanced CSS, and Advanced Javascript courses.

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Front End Tools

In my project I implemented Bootstrap V5 alongside CSS. I learned Bootstrap in my Advanced CSS course at MATC. Next semester I will be taking an Angular course at MATC and cannot wait to learn my first front end library.

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Back End Technologies

In the course Advanced Javascript I learned to create basic web apps using Node.js and Express. I have installed various tools through the command prompt. I also took the course Intro to Databases, which taught me the basics of relational databases and SQL.

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I took the UI/UX course at MATC. During that course I learned to utilize Figma in order to complete projects with a team. I learned the various steps in the design process including personas, wireframes, research, and many others.


Boomerang Pet Care Project

Checkout my boomerang pet care project Image of Boomerang Pet Care Project

Shark Labz Project

Checkout my boomerang pet care project Image of Shark Labz Project

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